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Risk Training

Why Andile Risk Training?

The presenters are all highly experienced in their disciplines. Complex concepts are simplified, focusing on practical applications of the theory in the banking environment. The participatory format encourages brainstorming and discussions.

Core Focus

The focus is on providing Internal Audit and Operational Risk users with practical guidelines to the Treasury environment and the risks that it is exposed to. Technical concepts and areas will come up for discussion and be explained and simplified. Guidance will also be provided on risk identification and testing.

Our Background

Andile Solutions was established in 2008. Our primary focus is to serve the financial services industry where we implement, extend, integrate, upgrade, and support systems that provide front to back functionality. We specialise in Treasury and Trading environments of financial institutions such as Investment Banks, Central Banks, Fund and Asset Managers. We also offer specialised integration and regulatory technology services which are committed to helping our clients realise possibility in an environment of evolving risks and constant regulatory change. This is achieved by solving complex problems and providing integrated sustainable business solutions to identify, manage, and mitigate risk. Our offering is differentiated by the focus on practical issues facing our clients and our vastly experienced team which has the optimal mix of business and risk experience.
Day 1

How do banks make money; Capital Markets structure; Trade Life Cycle; Money Market; Foreign Exchange Market; Bond and Repo Market, and the Derivatives Market.

Day 2

How do banks make money; Capital Markets structure; Trade Life Cycle; Money Market; Foreign Exchange Market; Bond and Repo Market, and the Derivatives Market.

Day 3

The Greeks; Understanding PnL in context of risks that desk is exposed to; Valuation Adjustments on Day 1 PnL; XVA Trading; Overnight Index Swap Curves; Interest Rate Fundamentals, and Compliance.

Day 4

Market Risk; Credit Risk; Liquidity Risk; Netting Agreements; Collateral, and Capital Requirements.

Day 5

LIBOR, Gold Standard and FX Fixing Scandals; The Block Chain; Identifying risks from the Balance Sheet; Identifying risks from the PnL, and recap and contextualizing of days 1-4.

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Our Presenters/Contributors

Rigardt Jonker
Rigardt Jonker joined Andile during April 2017, having gained extensive experience in Internal Audit at Barclays and Investec. This was supplemented by more than three years in a Product Control function at Investec focusing on Equity Derivatives. Subsequently, he joined Adept Advisory where he performed risk and advisory work at Standard Bank and Nedbank. His experience enabled Rigardt to grasp what knowledge gaps are systemic to the finance industry.
Hendrik Jansen van Rensburg
Hendrik Jansen van Rensburg has been with Andile since August 2013. Before that he spent 4 years as a Middle Office Manager at Barclays, focusing on profit attribution, implementing risk controls in trading applications and providing technical support to the Front Office. Hendrik was also a Mathematics lecturer at the University of Pretoria from 2007 to 2009. For Andile, Hendrik is responsible for implementing risk solutions in trading applications for our bank clients, with deep knowledge of CVA and Valuations.
Millen Mehari
Millen Mehari has more than 10 years of Corporate Treasury experience in the Southern African and European Financial Markets. She has extensive operational knowledge in areas like FX, Derivatives, Money Markets, Fixed Income and Exchanged Traded Instruments covering Market Data, Accounting and Back Office operations. She has more than 7 years hands-on Back Office and Accounting experience in Treasury as a Business Analyst. She has worked as subject matter expert on projects at Standard Bank, South African Reserve Bank, Commercial Bank of Mauritius, and UniCredit.
Jurgens du Preez
Jurgens du Preez, one of the founding members of Andile and Head of the Risk and Regulatory Practice, has been with Andile since October 2008. Jurgens has a Financial Engineering background with more than 10 years Corporate and Investment Banking experience. He has been involved in numerous project implementations across different asset classes from Front to Back to Risk. His deep technical understanding and subject matter expertise combined with strong financial knowledge, functional know-how and problem solving ability sets him apart.

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