Managed Services

Our Managed Services enable and empower our high and low touch clients through market leading services, connectivity, and applications. We consolidate, streamline, and enhance the interdependency between the different components to provide market leading industry specific services.

Our services are underpinned by world-class hardware, software, and professional expertise to provide the expected service to our clients. 

The different sections below elaborate on the industry specific services.



All managed and hosted solutions are underlined by world class infrastructure on secure Oracle Super Cluster Technology, with the following characteristics:

  • Complete Elasticity
  • Secure Data Centres – ISO27001 Compliant
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Reduced operational risk
  • Fully Serviced environment – OS and DB
  • Comprehensive DR design
  • Seamless upgrades
Banks and Treasuries

Banks and Treasuries

  • Andile Hosted Managed Service for banks – Powered by Calypso
  • African centric Capital Markets focussed solution based on the latest Calypso version 15 release, which is a prepackaged deployment based on the Bank-in-a-Box solution and extended and optimised for African Trading
  • Architecture design and Infrastructure stack allows for Fast Integration and migration of data using TradeBase Integration
Fund and Asset Managers

Fund and Asset Managers

  • Andile Hosted Managed Service for Asset Managers and Hedge funds – Powered by Calypso
  • Our Fund and Asset Manager offering extends our Bank offering and is based on the same core characteristics and includes these additional features:
    • Full Portfolio Management Capabilities
    • Full Fund Admin
    • Fundamental calculation of risk factors
    • Cross-Asset Implementation
TradeBase Integration

TradeBase Integration

Trade Data Management

  • Market leading understanding in and application of all product type and derivatives data management covering all major asset classes backed by practical industry experience
  • Extensive experience not only in originating data risk and position systems management and support for major software vendors implemented at Investment and Central Banking clients, but also the integration of such originating data between any such systems or regulatory trade and transaction reporting requirements
  • Standards based trade and related data structures in a continually growing library of successful implementations for scalable repeatability, shortening implementation time with each subsequent application
  • Resultant connectivity library to previously mentioned risk and position management systems and data formats to consistently feed standardised data structures
  • Bolstered and backed by our proud partnership with Message Automation, a leading international specialist provider of post-trade control solutions

We impact, uplift, and lead wherever we go and whatever we touch – realising possibility.

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