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Innovative Technology Solutions


  • State-of-the-art solution to assist energy ministries and national energy funds in the governance and management of their national fuel distribution fund
  • Realtime solution to reconcile, validate, and process levy and subsidy claims based on petroleum volume
  • FuelBase solves the following industry-wide problems:
    • Petroleum delivery subsidy management and claims
    • Governance
    • Levy and claim auditability
    • Significant fraud reduction

How We Innovate


Software Development

Software Engineering forms an integral part of any project and solution that we pursue. We strive to attract the best software engineers to our environment and allow them to flourish. We realise possibility through following a strict services-oriented and design-by-contract (DbC) approach to building solutions, as this aligns closely with our core engineering philosophies.


It is the point at which design, development, and operations are harmoniously unified and embodied by our core engineering philosophies. For us DevOps is not just a buzzword, it is part of our culture and we practice it daily. As part of our managed and hosted services, we consider the best solutions for the required outcome.
  • Tenacious traceability: Source control of application code, infrastructure code and configuration
  • Robust reusability: Modularisation, service-oriented, design-by-contract (DbC)
  • Absolute automation: Build automation, automated testing, infrastructure-as-code, continuous integration, and continuous deployment
  • Constant collaboration: Instant messaging, agile task tracking, and integrated notification

We impact, uplift, and lead wherever we go and whatever we touch – realising possibility.