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Our Offering

To our clients

Financial Services and Central Banks

Our primary focus is to serve the financial services industry where we implement, extend, integrate, upgrade, and support systems that provide front to back implementations such as Calypso, Murex, and Front Arena.

We specialise in Treasury and Trading environments of financial institutions such as Investment Banks, Central Banks, Fund and Asset Managers.

In conjunction with Message Automation, our UK based partner, we also offer specialised integration and regulatory technology services. These solutions address the regulatory requirements faced globally.

Government Information Solutions
Our technology solutions addressing government information systems was birthed from our experience with solving complex financial market challenges. The technological solutions solve energy fund management and governance problems experienced on a day-to-day basis. Andile is positioned as a niche solutions provider to government ministries in the energy and petroleum domains who are responsible for the fund management, related to levy and subsidy collections and reimbursements.

Professional Services

Managed Services

Innovative Technology Solutions

We impact, uplift, and lead wherever we go and whatever we touch – realising possibility.